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    Competitive Blacklight Ruleset Empty Competitive Blacklight Ruleset

    Post  Guilte on Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:50 pm

    Blacklight Retribution Competitive Ruleset (8/29/2012)

    Gamemode: Domination 6 v 6
    Maps (Best of 3)
    Map 1: Heavy Metal
    Map 2: Vortex
    Map 3: Vertigo

    All Depot Items (Health and Ammo Allowed)
    All Heroes
    All Special Ammo
    Nodes (If possible in Premium Servers)
    Heavy Assault Rifle
    Respawn Beacons
    Stun Mines
    Burst Fire Rifle
    Proximity Mines
    Any Zen only receiver

    1 Barricade Per Team
    1 Sniper Per Team
    1 Lethal Gear Item
    2 Special Gear Items

    Lethal Gear Items:
    HE Grenade
    Frag Grenade
    Toxic Grenade
    Shock Grenade

    Special Grenades:
    EMP Grenade
    Digi Grenade

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