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    Regarding Earn Zen Empty Regarding Earn Zen

    Post  serioussamhd on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:34 am

    whenever i got to to "earn" zen, i always get a message that surveys are not available. then i found out that they never were and never will be because they are simply not available in my country, so i set out to search on how to earn zen.

    1. one way is to use a proxy so as to be able to access the servers as if from another country. this works sometimes but it is really frustrating and time consuming.

    2. i suggest to all of you,this method. Prizerebel is a website that offers points for completing surveys which can later be redeemed for gift cards eg: ultimate gift card. this site has surveys from many companies such as peanut labs, sponsor pay, super rewards etc. it is a substitute for if surveys are not available in your country.

    all you have to is follow the link, create an account and complete about two or three surveys and you'll have about 500 points which you can redeem for a 5$ Ultimate Game Card code.

    link :-

    www(dot)prize rebel(dot)com/index.php?r=serioussamhd

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