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    sM Simplicity recruiting competitive players


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    sM Simplicity recruiting competitive players Empty sM Simplicity recruiting competitive players

    Post  Wub on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:55 pm

    Clan Tag: sM

    11/18(Without Inactives)

    Clan Website:
    Youtube Channel:
    Region: US East/West

    Current Line-up:

    - Wub
    - Manny
    - Fuchuzz
    - Jamrock
    - Arcky
    - Kaeru
    - Tune
    - Cyphina
    - 9AM
    - Droddd
    - Tune

    Secondarys(Inactive on Raidcall or In-Game):
    - Blackchain
    - AzuraSarah
    - Parog
    - Solisity
    - Wrastor
    - DarkSensei
    - Arayia
    - Shynryx
    - Shoes
    - SuperhornetA51
    - Moppp

    This is a team of serious players, so thus we only recruit serious players. We have a family dynamic in Simplicity, we do not enjoy drama and such. Our players have been in top clans such as ExS and Nvious. Gamesense is a must, and is what we look for in the ideal player. We also ask for players to be active and treat each other with respect. Were looking to play against other teams in the hopefully blooming competitive community, that is soon to come. We will recruit members on-site if we think they have what it takes. If it looks like their is few members in our clan, please remember we deny many applicants, who don't make the cut. If you think that you are up to the challenge, we ask you please visit this website to join in our events and such

    We now use Mumble!

    Application form:



    Steam Username:


    Currently Playing Games:

    Do you have Raidcall and a mic?:

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